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GET 360: Reduce your power bill to $0

Solar... but on another level. How much more would you have if your power bills were eliminated?

Solar Power

24/7 Monitoring

With a GET360 total solution this is what you'll end up with and be protected from power rises.

Know where your power is going, what you use, when you save and when there is an issue.

$0 Power Bill

Battery Night Use

Battery storage to save the solar power you're generating for when you need it the most.

Solar power installed to generate clean and free energy from the sun.

Why GET360?

  • For the ultimate in functionality, the GET360 solution is unmatched.

  • Emergency power in case of a blackout due to cyclone, storm or extreme winds.

  • Help the environment, no negative environmental issues from your power consumption.

  • Protect your family from rising power prices.

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Don't just take it from us!

We've helped many businesses in the Mackay, Whitsundays & Townsville regions save money and improve cashflow.

"All of our power is used during the day, so it was a no brainer to get solar power for our business, GET have been great to deal with."

Goddfrey Neil

Auto Pro Cannonvale

Steve Grittner

Foodpac Pty Ltd

"GET made it very easy to understand how solar would benefit of business, they are a local company that has a good name and we more than happy with the results."

Grittner Nissan

"Our power bills were one of our largest costs and with the help of Green Energy Technologies we have been able to lower our power bills which helps our bottom line."

Paul Perrin

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Talk to our friendly and local team today on how we can save you money with the GET360 total solution.

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